Armando Luna-Medina, MA

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

AMFT 128996
(669) 208-3939

Supervised by Lisa Neves, LCSW 19725


Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology – Santa Clara University
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – San Jose State University

Areas of Focus:
Men’s Issues
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Peer Relationships
Cross-Cultural Relationships

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)

People do not exist in a vacuum. The person you are today is a collage of various influences and experiences. These influences range from relationships with family and friends, community, religion, spiritual beliefs, socioeconomic backgrounds, education, and the culture in which you were raised. What brought you in today does not solely define you and it may not be the root of your pain.

Through therapy, we have the potential to move beneath the surface and go deeper into the roots of your struggles to help you develop a greater understanding of what troubles you. In therapy, we will explore together your past and present at your own pace. Therapy is not a race to recovery, but rather an ongoing journey filled with healing and self-discovery. I will not make demands of you or make judgments; nor will I take the compass and lead the way. This is your journey. Your awakening. Your permission to become you.

 I love to watch films, engage in creative writing, cooking, and the occasional hike.