Wei-Chia "Bobby" Cheng, BS

Professional Clinical Counselor Trainee

(408) 703-9979
Supervised by Jillaine Danis, LMFT 33581

Icons indicating this clinician provides both in-person and teletherapy services

BS and MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech
MA in Counseling and Divinity at Western Seminary (in progress)

Areas of Focus:
Stress / Anxiety
Self-searching / Identity
Family of Origin
Intergenerational Issues
Intercultural Issues
Life Transitions / Immigration
Career Counseling

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)

Be known and understood. We all wish to be known and understood - by our parents, our children, our spouse or partner, our friends - yet we are often misunderstood and left with disappointments. Sometimes we can’t even figure ourselves out. While this journey we call life may seem like a struggle, you don’t have to go through this struggle alone. Let’s travel together on this journey and share our burdens and our hurts (and our joys!). I will walk with you, and we can search for answers together. You might find your life journey a little more bearable, a little more hopeful, a little more fulfilling, even a little more enjoyable. Who knows? You might find your life a shade (or two) brighter by having a friend in a counselor.

Bobby is a Professional Clinical Counselor trainee pursuing Master’s degree in Counseling at Western Seminary. He also works as an engineer. He enjoys hiking, reading, watching movies, playing boardgames and video games, and spending time with friends and family.