Kelsey M. Smoker Baker, Psy.D.

Post-Doctoral Fellow & Registered Psychological Assistant

(408) 508-6243
Supervisor: Jessica Farber, Psy.D., CA Licensed Psychologist, PSY 22360


Fuller Theological Seminary - Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
Fuller Theological Seminary - MA in Psychology
Fuller Theological Seminary - MA in Intercultural Studies
Missio Seminary - MA in Counseling
Millersville University - BA in Social Work

Areas of Focus:
Adjustment Disorders
Attachment Challenges
DIR/Floortime Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorder and Childhood Attachment Disorders
LGBTQ Populations
Sexual Abuse and Assault
Work and Life Stressors


Dr. Kelsey Smoker Baker is a Psychological Assistant specializing in trauma and stress-related treatment for adolescents and adults. Dr. Baker completed her her residency at Clifford Beers Clinic, a designated trauma treatment center located in New Haven, Connecticut, and brings with her to the Bay Area over 7 years of experience working with adolescents and adults in the middle of stressful circumstances, life transitions, and traumatic events.

It’s true that stress, life transitions, and trauma uniquely impact each person, often times contributing to unwanted and unpleasant symptoms. Perhaps you’re feeling more anxious or on edge, and your mind just won’t quiet down to focus and attend to your everyday responsibilities. Maybe it’s hard to fall asleep, or you’ve noticed you’re sleeping too much. Or perhaps you are feeling sad, nervous, confused, stuck, ashamed, teary, withdrawn, hopeless, or numb.

Navigating these symptoms can be frustrating and overwhelming! However, Dr. Baker utilizes Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), an evidenced-based trauma treatment carefully designed to navigate and target stressful events safely, for ultimate symptom relief.

Dr. Baker goes with her clients into the grit and mess of life, and provides support and insight into healing both old and new emotional wounds. Using her warmth and sense of humor, Dr. Baker believes in building an authentic therapeutic relationship with each client to foster lasting growth and healing. Most importantly, Dr. Baker approaches her clinical work with cultural humility. She is committed to providing a safe space in therapy for all individuals, including individuals from the LGBTQ community.

An East Coast native, Dr. Baker enjoys traveling, good food, and browsing the subreddit r/aww. Dr. Baker currently lives in San Jose with her husband and senior rescue dog, Crouton.

Safe Space