Mother’s Day Momento

By Tina Engel

Today we celebrate and honor our moms, and those that have been there for us like mom’s.  Thank you for cheering for us on in the milestones and being there for us when life got hard.  Thank you for your listening ear, your shoulder to cry on, and your wisdom when we had no idea what next steps to take.  Thank you for waking up and serving us on those days you wanted to sleep in.  Thank you for staying up late to help us finish a school project, even though it was our fault for starting last minute.  You worked, you loved, you cared, and you sacrificed, even on those days we made you cry.  We appreciate you and are grateful you are in our lives. 

Today we also want to acknowledge those who are struggling in relationship with moms, been abandoned by a mom, have a mom who is no longer on this earth, or have longed to be a mom and have not been able to.  We also come alongside the moms who lost a child that was supposed to outlive you.  You know the pain of loss, suffering, and grief.  You know what it is feels like to have tears roll down your cheeks just before bed when nobody is watching.  You know how to cry in the shower so nobody can hear you.  You are significant and have purpose in feeling “with” others that are going through similar pains.  You have the ability to connect in an experiential way, so nobody has to feel alone in pain and suffering. Your light can shine so brightly in loving others through the nurture and comfort that you learned to have and gained deeper insight in because of what you have been through. 

May you all be surrounded with peace and love today.  May you have favor and blessing in the desires of your heart.  May you be protected by the things that hold you back in life.  May you see yourself as God sees you and continue in courage and bravery to follow God’s will for your life.  You make this world better because you are in it, don’t ever forget that!