Memorial Day Tribute

By Tina Engel, MFT

We take a day to honor and remember every year

Those who gave their lives defending our nation here. 

In all the dark and deadly wars, soldiers stepped into the call,

To protect and defend our nation, to preserve freedom for all. 

Remembering the loss of a sibling, spouse, parent, and friend, 

will leave its mark of pain again and again.  

Whether remembering at the grave, or a picture on the wall,

Our heart grieves the one who died in this call.  

Thank you God for creating heaven

Where our Soldiers have peace and love never ends

Please comfort the families left here on earth

May you grant them favor, blessings, know peace, and feel worth.

May we use this fought for freedom to do our part

Act justly, love mercy and walk Humbly, as a life art.