Not the Usual Thanksgiving

By Tina Engel, LMFT, Executive Director, CCC San Jose

This year has been a wild ride.  We have had to navigate safety threats with our health, our ethnicity, and our political stances.  It seems as if overnight we went from quality time together to zoom meetings and distance learning.    

Protecting ourselves and each other from a pandemic feels more lonely than noble, especially as we enter the holidays.  Families all over the world are changing the way they gather to keep each other safe. 

This is not our usual Thanksgiving.  

As the feelings of powerlessness marches on, what can we do to empower ourselves and connect with others?

This Thanksgiving I can empower myself by:

  • Decorating my living space with things that make me feel happy.
  • Hanging up new pictures around my home displaying groups of people having fun together.
  • Buying myself a gift that is sentimental and meaningful.
  • Watching inspirational and empowering movies.
  • Sitting in the backyard on a sunny day and notice all the different colors around me.

This Thanksgiving I can connect with others by:

  • Calling people that I love and let them know how I feel about them.  
  • Texting old photos of close family and friends with a note of affirmation and care.
  • Creating a small circle of responsible family and friends, who are practicing the same COVID safety that I am, and spend quality time together.  
  • Writing notes to loved ones and dropping them in the mail.
  • Making an easy craft with a meaningful saying and putting it on a neighbors doorstep.

This may not be our usual Thanksgiving, but we can still show up well for ourselves and for others.  Find a way to seize the day!  

“May the Lord bless and protect you; may the Lord’s face radiate with joy because of you; may he be gracious to you, show you his favor, and give you his peace.” 

~Numbers 6:24-26 TLB