Devan Scheibley, MS

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

AMFT 101133
(408) 865-9484

Supervisor, Jeremy Lun Hao Easton, MFT; MFC 48646

M.S. in Clinical Psychology from San Jose State University
B.S. in Psychology from California State University Northridge

Areas of Focus:
Individual Therapy
Young Adults
Life Transitions
Stress Management
Grief / Loss
Abuse/Domestic Violence
Spiritual Issues

Professional Training:
Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)
Basic Trauma Informed Care:
– Trauma and Addressing Self-Harm, Suicide, and Other Unsafe Behaviors
– Trauma and Eating Disorders
– Trauma and Substance Abuse
– PTSD and Complex Trauma
– Neurobiology of Trauma
-Parenting and Trauma
Grief/Loss and Critical Incident Stress Management
Bereavement Support
Juvenile Probation
Skills Training in Affect and Interpersonal Regulation (STAIR)

California Marriage and Family Therapist (CAMFT)

Are you at the point in your life where you feel you have tried every traditional method to get rid of your struggles and have not been able to do so?
The truth is some people are not able to change the sadness they experience when reminded of past trauma, the anxiety they feel when thinking about college or changing careers, or the helplessness they feel when looking for a life partner. Some people do not even want to change the fact that they miss their loved one who died five years ago, the importance of making a large life decision, or whatever intense emotions they experience. Wherever you are on this spectrum, my goal is not targeted at changing natural feelings that arise. My goal is to help you address the way you relate to these feelings. What we aim to change is the response we have to our feelings, and better yet, the control the feelings seem to have on us and our lives.

My passion is working with adolescents (ages 13- 17), emerging adults (ages 18-24), and young adults (ages 25-39). My areas of focus include: anxiety disorders, trauma, mild-moderate depression, grief and loss, life transitions, identity exploration, new Christian believers, and children of active or inactive veterans.

I graduated with my master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from San Jose State University in May of 2017. My experiences include working at the Christian Counseling Center San Jose, a middle school, hospice care, group homes, and providing community based services to some of San Jose’s highest risk youth. These youths dealt with issues such as extreme poverty, gangs, substance abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, sexual abuse, rape, and homelessness. I pride myself on being culturally competent. To me, this does not mean I know all there is to know about every culture. Rather, I know how to work with, respect, and explore how a person’s culture is shaping their unique experience.