Male Licensed Counselors

Kit Chatsinchai, MA
(408) 537-0403
Marriage and Family Therapist

Mark Clayton, MA
(925) 813-1931
Marriage and Family Therapist

Jeremy Gilrein, MA
(408) 235-9852
Marriage and Family Therapist

Rob Grellman, PsyD
(408) 486-6711
Marriage and Family Therapist

(408) 491-9991
Marriage and Family Therapist, Interventionist

Josh Kalsbeek, MA
(510) 303-9578
Marriage and Family Therapist, Co-Founder R|TRIBE

Matthew Lea, PhD
(408) 881-0663
Marriage and Family Therapist

Harry Motro, PsyD
(408) 823-2822
Marriage and Family Therapist, PC

John Patterson, PhD
(408) 486-9310
Marriage and Family Therapist

Claudio Vargas Silva, MS
(408) 327-9267
Marriage and Family Therapist


Types of Counselors

Licensed counselors or therapists have a Master’s degree or higher in counseling or psychology. They are licensed by the State of California to provide counseling services.

Each therapist sets his or her own fees. In the case of financial hardship, sliding scales are available. Insurance is accepted in some cases. Victims of Crime benefits are accepted. Medicare and MediCal are not accepted. For more in–depth information on fees, please phone our office.

Registered Associates have a Master’s degree or higher in counseling or psychology and are working toward their licensure. They are registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences to practice therapy under the supervision of a licensed therapist.
Trainees are advanced students enrolled in a graduate program in counseling. The trainees are also under the supervision of a licensed therapist.