Joanne B. Kim, MA

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

AMFT 96258
(408) 508-6246 
Supervisor, Jeremy Lun Hao Easton, MFT; MFC 48646

Joanne’s areas of focus include marital/premarital counseling, relationship issues, anxiety/guilt, and relationship trauma (from family or significant others).

Western Seminary – M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy
University of California, Berkeley – B.A. in Political Science (International Relations) and Japanese Studies

Areas of Focus:
Relationship Issues
Depression, Anxiety
Couples Counseling
Grief & Loss
Trauma & Abuse
Addiction, Codependency
Same-Sex Attraction
Spiritual Development, Ministry

Prepare/Enrich Couples Counseling

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)
Santa Clara Valley Chapter, CAMFT (SCV-CAMFT)
American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)

You’re tired, lonely, and hurting. Even though you and your partner fight almost every day, things don’t seem to get resolved. Both of you find yourselves avoiding “hot button” and low-key topics because you don’t know how the conversation is going to end up. As the days go on both of you tiptoe around each other, not wanting to say or do anything wrong for fear of getting into another heated exchange.

Your relationship may look like a mutually reinforced cycle of criticism, defensiveness, long silences, or emotional outbursts. Everything you say or do seems to rub your partner the wrong way. Even when you try to do something nice, your partner doesn’t acknowledge it or finds something wrong with it.

As time passes, you begin to wonder whether your relationship will be this way forever. With each unresolved fight you feel more defeated, discouraged, powerless, and alone.

Does this sound like your relationship? Here’s the bad news: both of you are deeply hurting. But the good news? The fact that the two of you are still fighting means that you’re still intimately connected; in other words, you still deeply care about each other. That means there’s hope for you!

By reaching out for couples counseling, you are signaling that this relationship is worth protecting and rebuilding. You’ve already accomplished the most important step! I am really glad you’re here. Allow me to accompany you during the next leg of your journey to create the lifegiving, abundant relationship you’ve always wanted. I help flustered couples whose fights feel out of control BREATHE EASY, FEEL HEARD, and ENJOY each other again.

Imagine a relationship where you and your partner can laugh together again, send random texts during the week saying, “I’m thinking of you!”, look forward to seeing each other after work, comfort each other when the day is hard, and celebrate each other’s wins.

Is this what you want for your relationship? Email me at or call me at 408-508-6246 to schedule your free phone consultation.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

About Me

I am a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who completed my Master’s degree at Western Seminary, San Jose. I received my B.A. in Political Science and Japanese Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.

I love connecting with people from all walks of life and empowering others to live more meaningful, satisfying lives. As a fellow human being, I know that relationships can be full of pain, hardships, and disappointments. You and your partner are welcome to come as you are, with all the fears, doubts, and hurts you carry.

You matter! So does your partner. Let’s create a new relationship where both of you can show up in your awesome, unique selves, where you can both feel truly known and fully loved.