Joanne B. Kim, MA

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

AMFT 96258
(408) 508-6246 

Supervisor, Jeremy Lun Hao Easton, MFT; MFC 48646

Joanne’s area of focus includes relationship issues, self-esteem, depression/anxiety, couples counseling, grief and loss, trauma and abuse, and addiction.

Western Seminary – M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy
University of California, Berkeley – B.A. in Political Science (International Relations) and Japanese Studies

Areas of Focus:
Relationship Issues
Depression, Anxiety
Couples Counseling
Grief & Loss
Trauma & Abuse
Addiction, Codependency
Same-Sex Attraction
Spiritual Development, Ministry

Prepare/Enrich Couples Counseling

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)
Santa Clara Valley Chapter, CAMFT (SCV-CAMFT)
American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)

Have you ever:
1. wondered why you always end up in hurtful relationships?
2. felt misunderstood, frustrated, and alone?
3. felt resentful that others aren’t reciprocating?
4. had trouble saying no?
5. felt valued only for what you do?
6. felt guilty for taking care of yourself?
7. had dreams wither from criticism or lack of attention

You are in the right place! I work with those who have deep love for others, but somehow lose themselves in the process and become burned out, overwhelmed, and numb.

In order to deal with painful early life experiences, many people create their “love styles.” Though useful before, these styles expire over time; no longer do they serve their original purpose in relationships, but often make things worse. Left unaddressed, these love styles interfere with connection and foster pain and isolation.

If you want to “upgrade” your love style so that you can enjoy healthy, life-giving, lasting relationships, I can help! By focusing on attachment, boundaries, and emotional health, I help people get the connection they deeply desire.

Reach out for a free 15-minute phone consultation! I would love to help you get started. Call (408) 508-6246 today.

Why Choose Me?

I create space for you in your uniqueness.
There is no one in this world who has your exact story. You have your own personality, your own life experiences, and your own journey towards growth and healing. You don’t have to look, act, think, or talk a certain way. In fact, it is better for you to show up as you are. 

Come and create something beautiful out of the messy, broken, hurting areas of your life. I will bring the canvas, crayons, and paint. Bring the inspiration and dreams deep within you and give it expression!   

I help clients become “resilient” (“bounce back” from pain).
Many of my clients who come in with disappointments, loss, and trauma feel like these experiences define who they are: “I am a failure.” “Nobody likes me.” “Who’s going to want broken goods?” “I will always be alone.” I help clients acknowledge their past, identify major patterns of their lives, gain more tools, and take steps towards making a new reality. It is our response, not our experience, that defines us. We value arrows, not for how far they are pulled back, but how far they shoot forward towards their target. 

I help clients embrace what it means to be human.
Hurt people hurt people, but healed people heal people. Neither group is immune to pain, but the latter face and “redeem” their pain into something powerfully meaningful and constructive.

Counterintuitively, pain (*healed pain) gives us many gifts. Pain makes us better at relationships as we learn to empathize with (lit., “enter into the pain of”) others. Pain helps us focus: because we can’t do everything, we prioritize the most important things in life. Pain also reminds us that we’re human, that we matter, that we don’t have to do everything, and that it’s okay for us to rest and recover. The goal of therapy is not to make you pain-immune, but to give your pain room so that it can help you come ALIVE and THRIVE. 

Call (408) 508-6246 today for a free 15-minute phone consultation!

About Me

Joanne Kim is a registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who completed her Master’s degree at Western Seminary, San Jose. She received her B.A. in Political Science and Japanese Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.

Joanne loves connecting with people from all walks of life and empowering others to live more wholesome, meaningful, and satisfying lives. Joanne started helping others through private tutoring, teaching over 80 students from different age groups, life stages, socio-economic statuses, and ethnic backgrounds. She also served as the Pastoral Director at a local church, equipping ministry leaders with emotional health, relational, and counseling skills.

In her spare time, Joanne enjoys watching movies (Marvel superhero movies have been the latest crave!), playing guitar, and going on walks.