Not the Usual Thanksgiving

By Tina Engel, LMFT, Executive Director, CCC San Jose This year has been a wild ride.  We have had to navigate safety threats with our health, our ethnicity, and our …

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Ambiguous Loss in the Age of COVID-19

As you begin to embrace the losses felt by this pandemic, know you are not alone. By sharing our experiences, we become vulnerable to each other and together we can find new meaning from the losses we have endured.

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Cross-Cultural Couples

When two people meet and marry, they must navigate differences in communication patterns, family-of-origin dynamics, and gender roles. Partners may also come from different socioeconomic backgrounds or religions. So, in many ways, all marriages may be considered intercultural.

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Getting Grounded

Have you ever tried to relax, only to find yourself feeling more stressed or even triggered in the process? If this happens to you, you may want to try grounding instead.