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Who we are.

We have over 50 caring professionals uniquely equipped to provide individuals and families with the highest quality of a broad range of counseling services. Let us come along side you.

Our Counselors

Our Management Team

The Management Team of the Christian Counseling Center San Jose meets weekly with Center leaders and members to seek God's direction for CCC SJ as they deal with all of the ongoing issues of the Center, such as finances, personnel and facilities. They also interview potential new associates, trainees, and licensed therapists who wish to become affiliated with CCCSJ.

Our Board of Directors

Jp Samuel

Board Chair

Jeyaprakash (Jp) Samuel serves on the leadership of iSpectra (a coalition of multicultural leaders and pastors in the Silicon Valley), South Bay Pastors Leadership Network (which serves several pastoral clusters in the South Bay), Team Aid (that serves immigrant families in crisis) and is a church planter and Lead Pastor of The Spectrum Church. He completed his Ph.D. from IIT-Madras and the University of Freiburg, Germany and pursued post-doctoral research in Nanotechnology at Stanford University. He also holds a Masters in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary. He served in the marketplace for over 10 years before embracing God’s call to minister full time in the Bay Area. He has ministered among International Students, Refugees and Professionals from several countries over the past 20 years and is passionate about developing multicultural leadership, church planting, preaching, teaching, and helping professionals connect their faith with their work. He and his wife Jemima along with their three children live in the Bay Area. He enjoys reading, fishing, running bay area trails, and recently completed his first half-ironman.

Tina Engel

Board Member & Executive Director

Tina Engel is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Chapman University. She specializes in couples counseling and family healing and is a motivational strengths builder who thrives in helping others find their purpose, place and peace in life. She has been leading CCC San Jose as the Interim Director since 2019 and was named permanent Executive Director in September 2020.

Jessica Farber

Board Secretary

I joined CCC San Jose in 2009 as a newly licensed psychologist. This amazing community has helped me to develop as a clinician, and it has also been a family that has supported me through my personal growth over the last decade. Now, as a board member, I want to support and protect this unique community, and I also want to participate in facilitating the growth that will happen over the next decade. Specifically, I have a heart to grow the training program at CCC and see it become even more vibrant and successful in cultivating excellent new Christian therapists.

Michael Garner

Board Member

Rev. Mike Garner has been a pastor for 38 years and served as a missionary and Paraclete Associate since 2007. During that time he has been involved in many areas of ministry in the U.S. as well as overseas. For 32 years, Mike has developed and trained teams in Counseling, Spiritual Warfare/Deliverance Ministry and Inner Healing Prayer. His passion is to come alongside Christian leaders, their teams and their families as God’s instrument for healing and freedom. He is involved in both one-on-one ministry and with groups/teams. He has worked on location with national leaders in Mexico, the Middle East, Ethiopia, Malaysia and several countries in Europe. His internet ministry extends far beyond this, however, in counseling, mentoring, mediation, and teaching classes to leaders all over the world.

Judi Needham

Board Treasurer

I have been practicing Marriage and Family Therapy for over 30 years. As a therapist, I also was an adjunct professor for Azusa Pacific University and Fuller Seminary followed by directing the MFT graduate program at Western Seminary. My vision and mission have been to serve marriages and families and to provide integrative training to upcoming Christian therapists. Christian Counseling Center has been a perfect fit for me. The Center provides training and shares a culture of dedicated Christian therapists. It is a joy and a blessing to serve on the board of an organization that shares my vision and mission.


Our Story

We have a rich history since 1989 in supporting, serving, and empowering our community by providing excellent mental health services. We have become one of the largest private practice groups in California. Read more about our history and meet our board.

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Our Mission

It is the ultimate purpose of Christian Counseling Center – San Jose, Inc. to glorify God and to be active in the charge He has given to the Church. We exist because the churches of our communities are often unable, in financial or staff terms, to meet the needs of those experiencing psychological, emotional, family, and marital stress; specifically, most churches are unable to provide ongoing professional therapeutic help. We believe that God would have the church provide for these needs within the context of a Christian organization dedicated to and accountable to the mission and ministry of the local churches. We are striving to meet these needs in ways which support and assist the churches of our community and are, at the same time, both biblically and professionally responsible.

We seek to minister in the following ways:

1 By providing professional psychotherapy, rooted in biblical truth and ethics, to the individuals and families of both the Christian community and the greater community.

2 By developing and leading classes and seminars within the church setting which are both preventive and strengthening to the individuals, the families, and the churches of our communities.

3 By supporting and being accountable to the pastors of our local churches and maintaining regular contact with those who make up our referral base and make use of our ministry.

4 By being available as a resource to pastors and Christian lay-workers, providing input and guidance as they are dealing with the many counseling situations, which occur within the context of local church ministry.

5 By providing professional training opportunities and programs for those who are called by God to enter into this or similar ministries a greater professional community: medical, legal, and mental health, and to the community at large.

6 By raising the image of the Christian community as we provide teaching, consulting, and other services to the professional community including medical, legal, and mental health sectors, and to the community at large.


We uphold a biblical view of Christianity and seek to integrate the best that the science of psychology and the art of psychotherapy have to offer with scriptural truths. We believe that there is no discrepancy between psychological truth and biblical truth.